Monday, December 05, 2011

Some interesting statistics about the Mir Yeshiva in Yerushalayim

Number of students: 7200
Number of Batei Medrash: 20
Number of Yeshiva students: 3400
Number of Kollel avreichim: 3000 (I know the numbers don't add up)
Number of staff members: 200+
Number of shnitzel pieces served on Wednesday's: 10,000+
Number of students served lunch every day: 6000
Monthly budget: 10,000,000 NIS
Monthly stipend budget: 3,000,000 NIS
Yearly budget: 120,000,000 NIS
Debt owed: 54,000,000 NIS

Source: Mishpacha magazine in Hebrew ה' כסלו תשע"ב


David said...

I once learned in the Mir, back when it had about 600 students and one building. I think the reason the numbers don't add up is because many people learn there who are not registered with Misrad Hadatot as a talmid yeshivah or avreich, which is where the figure 3400 + 3000 comes from.

Commenter Abbi said...

Aside from "Hashem will provide" how is situation supposed to continue?

bluke said...

One thing is for sure, the money is not coming from Israel. The plan is to have various Rabbanim including R' Shteinman, fund raise abroad most probably in the US. Given the financial situation in the US it is questionable how successful they will be.