Sunday, June 19, 2011

Judaism or Avoda Zara? Updated with contact information

I could not believe an ad that I saw in this past week's Mishpacha magazine. It was for a "Silver Segulah Ring". Is this what we have come to? Believing that wearing a "magical" ring can get us a shidduch, money, health, etc.?

For anyone who actually wants to find out more and maybe buy one here is the contact information:


Mikeage said...

Oh, no, you don't wear it. It has to be kept double wrapped in the special pouch.


No, wait.

Not :)


bluke said...

You are right, my mistake.

Not only don't you just wear it, there are "special instructions" included on how you have to protect it and keep it on your person.

Anonymous said...


Ben Forta said...
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