Sunday, September 19, 2010

Starting Shacharis early the day after Yom Kippur

The acharonim (see the Mateh Efraim and Aruch Hashulchan at the end of Siman 624) bring down a minhag to get up early to daven the day after Yom Kippur so the Satan will not be able to complain.

Somehow this has turned into a minhag to start davening 5 minutes earlier. The 6:30 minyan starts at 6:25 the 7:00 minyan starts at 6:55 and even the 8:00 minyan starts at 7:55.

IMHO I don't see how this is mekayem the minhag at all. There is no way that going 5 minutes early to an 8:00 minyan is called משכימים. This is just another instance where the spirit of the minhag is completely ignored for a doubtful mechanical kiyum.


mother in israel said...

The minhag in the shul my husband davens at is to start early but not announce it, so that everyone complains.

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

The minhag is our shul is to daven at the regularly scheduled time because the Rav is worried we're not bright enough to handles a little inconsistency.

Menashe said...

Ha my shul actually davened 10 minutes late today. I guess because it's a sunday.

hagada said...

Considering one should really daven with 'nets' how does one accomplish this minhag.
It can only mean starting early and davvening longer.