Sunday, November 01, 2009

יקח נא מעט מים ורחצו רגליכם

Rashi comments that Avraham was afraid that they were ערביים who worshiped the dust on their feet and Avraham was מקפיד not to bring avoda zara into his house. Lot on the other hand was not מקפיד and therefore did not have them wash their feet first.

It is clear from Rashi that he is praising Avraham Avinu for his behavior. However, if you look at the Gemara ב"מ פו you get a different picture. The Gemara says that because Avraham was חושד that they were עובדי עבודה זרה Yishmael came from him whose descendants worshiped exactly as Avraham was חושד the malachim. The Gemara is saying that Avraham was חושד בכשרים and punished for his behavior while Rashi seems to be praising Avraham for not wanting to let עבודה זרה in his house.

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pc said...

Maybe we can understand this with a vort from Reb Chaim Schmuelevitz z"l.

He proved from a number of gemaras that bein adam le'chaveiro is immutable. For example, there is a story about an amora who only came home for yom kippur, one yom kippur he was delayed coming home and his wife got upset. As a result he died. The last person who would have wanted him dead was his wife, nevertheless becuase he caused her to be upset he was killed.

It's like putting your hand in a fire, if it's not your fault you'll still get burnt.

Same thing here, Avrohom Avinu was justified in thinking they were idol worshippers but he was still wrong.

So it's praiseworthy that he asked them to wash their feet but was still punished for the bein adam le'chavero of choshed bikesherim

pc :-)