Sunday, June 07, 2009

Your forget about the weather in Israel

In Israel from May - October you basically forget about the weather. Every day is sunny and it never rains.

It is a real shock to travel to the US and suddenly have to worry about the weather is it going to rain or not.

In Israel hardly anyone complains when it rains, people are generally happy because everyone knows that we need the rain. In NY when it rains in the summer all you hear is complaints.

It is clear to me that the rain patterns in Israel are much more conducive to emuna then those in the US. When it rains all the time you lose the connection to Hashem, rain is just a normal part of life. In Israel, where it doesn't rain for 6 months and even in the winter hardly rains, it is much easier to connect the rain to Hashem.


ZB said...

Off topic but I was wondering... (being that I am traveling to Israel next week be"h). What is the difference between a restaurant that has a mehadrin hashgacha (like Cafe Rimon or Big Apple Pizza) versus restaurants that have plain Rabbinut hashgacha (I am talking about in Jerusalem). Is there an issue of at least relying on rabbinut yerushalayim for milchig/pareve foods?

Lion of Zion said...

my wife and i happen to really like the name tal (and its derivatives), but we didn't use the name in part because living in america dew doesn't mean anything to me.