Monday, February 23, 2009

Give it up!!! What is this this obsession with Kadima and a unity government?

An open letter to Bibi Netanyahu:

According to you, Kadima's ideas failed over the past 3 years and have led to disaster (Hamastan, war in Lebanon, Gilad Shalit,etc.) If so why do you want them? Why do you want Tzippi Livni as Foreign Minister? As you said in the campaign 10 years and no accomplishments. Her biggest "accomplishement" UN resolution 1701 is a total failure. Her negotiations with the Palestinians have made concessions and gotten nothing. The Kadima government of the past 3 years has been an absolute disaster, who needs them? Why this obsession with a unity government?

What are you afraid of? As you said right after the elections the right wing bloc won. If so, the right wing bloc should rule. For once, let's see a real right wing government in Israel.

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