Wednesday, January 09, 2008

"Blei Gissen" an old Pagan custom?

A few days ago I posted about "Blei Gissen" and asked whether we should believe it or not. One of the commenters pointed out that this is an ancient German New Year's custom, still popular, called Bleigie├čen. Just Google Bleigie├čen and see for yourself.

parshablog refers to a similar practice among the Pennsylvania Dutch, Charms and Superstitions.

From all of this it is quite clear that Blei Gissen was/is a pagan superstitious custom that we should have nothing to do with and in fact doing so may violate a number of issurim d'oraysa related to witchcraft and divination.

It amazes me that the Charedi population either won't go to a magic show or will make the performer state that what he is doing isn't magic and is just sleight of hand etc. but will do things like Blei Gissen with no problem.

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Sholom said...

It's an ancient form of divination known as Molybdomancy. I wrote a short piece about the charlatan Rebbetzin Miller recently.