Monday, May 28, 2007

Disengagement disillusion on the left?

A number of prominent left wingers who supported the disengagement have publicly stated that they were mistaken.

Ilana Dayan (prominent Television Journalist)
למה לא שאלנו את השאלות? למה דובי וייסגלס לא סיפר לנו שיהיה גשם של קסאמים על שדרות? כי זה לא היה פופולרי וכי היה ראש ממשלה חזק שהיתה לו אחיזה איתנה במוקדים הנחשבים תקשורת.
Why didn't we ask questions? Why didn't Dov Weisglass (Sharon's chief advisor) tell us that Kassams would be raining down on Sederot? It wasn't popular because there was a strong Prime Minister who had a very strong hold on influential sectors of the media

Ehud Olmert
צריך לומר שהניסיון שהיה לנו בלבנון ובעזה אינו מעודד. נסוגנו לחלוטין מעזה, וכל יום הם יורים רקטות קסאם על ישראלים.
We need to say that the experience that we have from Lebanon and Gaza is not encouraging. We disengaged completely from Gaza and every day they are shooting Kassam rockets on Israelis

Tzippi Livni (Foreign Minister)
"הורדנו התנחלויות ולא דיברנו איתם. ומה היתה התוצאה? חיזוק הקיצונים ולא המתונים. ככל שאנחנו מוציאים את הצבא מחוץ לשטחים, מתפתחים קיני טרור"
We destroyed settlements without talking with them. And what was the result? The strengthening of the extremists. The more that we take the army out of the territories the more terror cells spring up

Yoel Marcus (Journalist Haaretz)
"למרבה הצער, מתברר עתה שהמתנחלים הקיצונים והפסימיסטים
הם שצדקו"
To my great sorrow, it turns out in retrospect that the extreme and pessimistic settlers were right

Yehoshua Sobol (Israeli playwright)
לא נבנה שם כלום בימים אלה. כלום, כלום, רק פעולות הרס. ההנחה הזאת, שדי בכך שאנו נצא מהשטח כדי שהצד השני יפסיק את התקפלותו, התבדתה
Nothing is being built there. Nothing, nothing, only destructive actions. The idea that it is enough for us to just leave the area for the other side to fold up has been proven false

Yair Lapid (Israeli journalist and talk show host, son of Tommy Lapid)
יצאנו מלבנון וחיזבאללה תוקפים אותנו מלבנון. יצאנו מעזה וארגוני הטרור תוקפים אותנו מעזה. הגזרה השקטה ביותר כרגע היא ביהודה ושומרון. אפילו אצל השמאלנים הכי גדולים מתגנב פתאום הרהור כפירה: אז אולי זה לא הכיבוש?
We pulled out of Lebanon and Hisbullah attacks us from Lebanon. We pulled out from Gaza and the terrorists are attacking us from Gaza. The quietest front today is the West Bank. Even the biggest left wingers are suddenly having heretical thoughts, maybe it isn't the occupation?

Avri Gilad (Israeli Movie Star)
מבחינה פרקטית, פרגמטית וראיית המצב כפי שהוא, הכתומים צדקו
From a practical perspective and looking at the facts as they are now, the "Orange" crowd (e.g. anti-disengagement) was right

Giora Eiland (head of the National Security Council during Sharon's tenure)
לא היתה הסתכלות קדימה. ההתנתקות לא תרמה דבר לפתרון הסכסוך
There was no future vision. The disengagement did not contribute one bit to a solution to the problems

Yaron London (prominent left wing Journalist)
דבר לא נבנה על ההריסות, חוץ מאשר מחנות אימונים למחבלים
Not a single thing was built on the destroyed settlements except for terrorist training camps

Shimon Peres
רעיון ההתנתקות נגמר. לא תהיה ביהודה ושומרון חזרה כפולה ומכופלת על הנסיגה מעזה
The concept of unilateral disengagement is finished. There will not be a unilateral disengagement in the West Bank over and above the one from Gaza.

Could it be that even the left wingers are waking up to reality? Maybe some but certainly not all, Yossi Beilin is just as crazy as always. This morning, he was interviewed on the radio saying how we need to talk to Hamas etc.

These quotes were all taken from a pamphlet published by מועצת יש"ע


mother in israel said...

A powerful collection of quotes.

Rafi G. said...

yes, they have said these things, but I wonder what would happen if the PM (either Olmert or the next one) went ahead and tried another disengagement anyway. I believe almost all these people would support it wholeheartedly, despite the statements you quoted.

yitz said...

And then there's the irresolute Amram Mitzna:
( Reserve IDF officer and senior Labor party member Amram Mitzna told Arutz-7 (Hebrew) Monday that investing money in industry in Sderot "strengthens people more than another reinforced roof."
Mitzna, who now is mayor of the eastern Negev city Yerucham, also defended the destruction of the Jewish communities and expulsion of the residents in the Gaza region two summers ago. He explained, "We have nothing to look for in Gaza just like we have no reason to be in southern Lebanon. The population of Gaza pays a heavy price because the Hamas government does not control street gangs.... If we grind our teeth and continue with today's policies, we will bring them to stop terror."

From Arutz 7, yesterday.

Daniel Greenfield said...

the problem is that the agenda behind some of the quotes is to argue that unilateral disengagement is wrong... but that withdrawal should be based on a negotiated retreat with the palestinians

that moves the issue to the left wing's main reason for opposing disengagement, which was that it was unilateral