Thursday, February 02, 2006

Some thoughts on Amona

It is clear to me that the timing of this was political. There are literaly thousands of illegal houses in Israel with orders of destruction, most of them built by Arabs. Yet, the government decided less then 2 months before the election to specifically destroy these houses in Amona. Olmert/Kadima thinks that this show of force will get them more votes especially from the left.

There is a tremendous campaign of vilification of the settlers by the left and the government. These are people who are motivated exclusively by a deep passion and love for Eretz Yisrael and who are willing to put their life on the line for it. The government is now making them out to be enemies of the state. This is the start of a war between the Jews and the Israelis.

I am against violence and do not justify the throwing of rocks, etc. at the police. In any case, throwing rocks harms the cause much then it helps. However, the violence used by the police was completely out of proportion and was out of control. It is 1 thing for 15 year olds to lose it and start throwing rocks. It is much worse when the police lose it and indiscriminately just beat everyone with the intention of causing injury.

The following illustrates the bankruptcy of the left in today's society. They are more worried about the horses getting hurt then 15 year old Jewish teenagers. 'Don't use horses for evacuation'

Tnu Lahayot Lihyot - Israel's main animal rights groups - protested against the use of horses in Amona's evacuation on Wednesday.

According to the organization, the horses that were recruited for the evacuation found themselves in a battlefield, susceptible to rocks being hurled at security forces by "dozens of law-violating settlers."

The group called upon Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz and Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz to remove the animals from public discourse, and to refrain from using them for purposes that effectively place their lives in danger.

When a society puts the rights of animals ahead of human beings it is big trouble.


Critically Observant Jew said...

"When a society puts the rights of animals ahead of human beings it is big trouble." - reminds me of German animal rights group which worried about pets left by Jewish owners sent to concentration camps. If Israel is indeed full of such "heartfelt Germans" - maybe those who are heartfelt Jews with a love for Jews and the Land are in the wrong boat?

Anonymous said...

I watched the 6 minute clip on CNN's website earlier today. Heartbreaking. Jews fighting Jews, throwing rocks at soldiers, soldiers on horseback beating up settlers...feh. When am I making aliyah? No time soon, sorry. You guys are as much in galus as the rest of us.

The Gabbai said...


You guys are as much in galus as the rest of us

We are huh? Hmm... Last time I checked we daily walk the very streets built on land that Moshe Rabbeinu would have done anything to even crawl upon. Last time I checked, when you daven Shmone Esrei you face towards us. Last time I checked, every time you bentch you thank Hashem for our Land. We are here raising our children, sending out kids to fight in the army and come March 28 voting to try to make a difference here. What are you doing besides watching CNN and casting aspersions? You're pathetic.

3pillars said...

On April 22, 2000, Elian Gonzales was seized in a predawn raid by American forces from his relatives home. He was to be sent back to Cuba, the country he escaed with his mother in November 1999. Janet Reno called this use of forve merely a "show of force." Yet it cost the Democratic party the state of Florida in the next election, which caused Bush to win the election. Let us hope that Olmert's show of force will similarly backfire and the Israeli public will choose a true leader in March.

Anonymous said...

the gabbai - i think most gedolei haposkim feel that we are in galus until moshiach comes to save us

3pillars - the problem with your assessement/hope is that in the US, people care about human rights, and unfortunately, here they dont. in the US there is a voice on both sides of the spectrum - right and left - here there is only a voice on the left side... the public doesnt really care about anything other than their own interests

yitz said...

It is much worse when the police lose it and indiscriminately just beat everyone with the intention of causing injury.

Sorry, according to most reports I've read the police / Magav / Yaasam , etc. didn't "LOSE IT" - it was pre-meditated. What I'm trying to find out is, were they really Jews bashing the heads of these OBVIOUSLY Jewish teenagers, or were they indeed Arab-Druze-Russian non-Jews that perpetrated this pogrom????

Anonymous said...

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