Monday, July 04, 2005

Puting your head in the sand about disengagement

I am very anti-disengagement on both a religious level and a practical (political and security) level. However, I am realistic and understand that the disengagement will most probably happen.

Unfortunately there are a lot of people with their heads in the sand who believe (with no basis in reality) that it won't happen. I was talking to a friend of mine who is Dati Leumi, and he told me that various prominent Rabbis made pronouncements that the disengagement won't take place. I was very disturbed. How can they make such pronouncements? A person has an obligation to be realistic, אין סומכים על הנס. We certainly need to fight and protest the disengagement and daven to hashem to stop it, but we can't rely on a נס to happen that will stop it. We need to be realistic and think about the day after as well. These rabbinic pronouncements will just make things worse if and when disengagement does take place.

Again, I am not telling anyone to stop protesting and fighting, we need to protest and fight. However, we need to be realistic that the odds are stacked against us and that we will probably lose, and we need to plan for the day after as well. To just make pronouncements that the disengagement won't take place doesn't help anyone.


Cosmic X said...


I tend to agree with you. Bederech Hateva, things look pretty bad. We need a miracle!

Anonymous said...

R Mordechai Eliyahu said that it won't happen. He is a gadol. We are hoping/relying on him. Is that not legitimate?

bluke said...

Based on what? What exactly are you relying on? Did Hashem tell him b'nevuah? He has no basis for the statement. What he really means is that he hopes Hashem makes a Nes and it doesn't happen. If that is the case say it like that.

Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer said...

Please see the above URL for an attempt to formulate a Mussar approach to the disengagement.