Tuesday, January 03, 2012

R' Shteinman's response to recent events

I am not going to translate the letter word for word instead I will try to elucidate it's main messages. The letter has 3 main points:
1. Both the Gemara and Tur/Shulchan Aruch state explicitly that a man should love his wife like he loves himself and give his wife more respect then he gives himself and therefore it is clear that among the Charedim the honor and respect of women is paramount. However, the Gemara does say that a man should not walk behind a woman.
2. The No True Scotsman defense. Based on 1 if any events occurred that disrespected women the perpetrators do not represent the general Charedi population.
3. It is pointless to try to convince some people in the general population of this because some of them  are doing this to attack the Charedi population.

This letter is clearly for internal consumption only. What is pathetic is the reaction of the Charedi press to the letter. Since it was written by one of the "Gedolim" they have to pump it up and make it seem as if this letter answers all of the questions raised by events of recent weeks. However, in truth, with all due respect to R' Shteinman this letter doesn't say anything new whatsoever and repeats the same defense that we have been hearing for days/weeks.

Mishpacha wrote the following describing the letter:
The publication of this letter was received with great satisfaction in all segments of the [Charedi] population because it contains an explanation and a clarification of a matter that is arousing disputes and arguments between torah observant Jews and those who are not yet observant.


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SF2K01 said...

That same No True Scotsman defense has been used for years by Muslims to write off Islamic terrorism as having nothing to do with their religion, supposedly making them guilt free. I'd really wish we weren't going down the exact same path, but I can only see things getting worse if the mentality doesn't change.