Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chosson and Kallah Dancing Together at the Sanz Wedding

Take a look at Sanz Klausenburg Wedding In Israel 2009 Part 27 and you see clearly that they are dancing together holding hands.

I am absolutely stunned at this, that they would dance together holding hands. What happened to tznius?


The Leader, Garnel Ironheart said...

On the contrary, they're the traditionalist. First dance always used to go to the chasan and kallah, unless things got too hot in the yichud room, that is.

It's those damn modernishers and their Taliban fetish that have led to the changes! said...

it leaves us to believe that such a comment can only come from someone that is totally ignorant in Chasidishe Minhugim or arrogant. take your choice go back to school get yourself a teacher that is not narrowminded and will give you proper hadroche