Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kiryas Yoel: an example of a Charedi town

This week is the 30th Yartzheit of the Satmar Rebbe and therefore Hamodia published a number of articles about him and Satmar. One of the articles focused on Kiryas Yoel. What was really interesting was that the writer took you around the town and in a surprised sort of voice kept saying that the Chasidim are doing everything from running the fire department, collecting garbage, public safety etc. It seems like Kiryas Yoel is basically self sufficient and all everything is done by Chasidim.

I obviously have major ideological differences with Satmar but this aspect is very admirable. Satmar has always been very practical and has never had a kollel only approach. Most men in Satmar learn 2-3 years after they get married (at 18-19) and then go out to work in the community. This seems to be a much more sustainable lifesytle then the kollel only style here in Israel.


J. said...

What do you mkae of the following:

Tornado Man said...

to say explicitly what previous commentator linked to - KiryasYoel is a poorest town in ENTIRE USA.

Also has greatest percentage on government assistance. So the chasidim do everything in that town except providing for themselves.