Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Edah Hacharedis continues with their campaign for the "starving mother" ...

With a 50 page booklet detailing the crimes of Hadassa.

Here they attack Hadassa for being a research hospital. This is just silly. How do think the new treatments that save their lives will be discovered without research? Anyone who knows anything knows that a research hospital is generally the best place to go as they have access to the best and latest treatments.

The last page is absolutely fascinating. The caricature shows how they believe that the chiloni world is obsessed with attacking them. As someone who works in hi tech and deals with chilonim every day, I can say this is absolutely silly. The chiloni world has no interest in Charedim whatsoever and spends no time thinking about them.

Also, take note of the e-mail address.


mother in israel said...

That cartoon is incredibly offensive. I don't understand the sympathy their cause is getting by many even in religious zionist circles.

David said...

Interesting that all they are interested in hearing about via their EMAIL address is matters relating to Hadassah "conspiracies."

Ellen said...

The chiloni world has no interest in Charedim whatsoever and spends no time thinking about them.

That was also my reaction when after the gay bar shooting, activists were blaming the inciteful speeches of Charedim.

Michael Sedley said...


The cartoon is not only stupid and offensive, it is anti-Semitic.

For years I was a big believer that there are only minor semantic differences between the world views of the haredi and Religious Zionist community (e.g., whether you say Hallel on Yom Ha'atzmaut).
Publications like this make me think that in fact we are dealing with two separate religions, one completely cut off from reality.

It pains me to see representatives of Torah Judaism show such idiocy which can only drive people away from Torah.

bluke said...

I agree, I found the cartoon to be very offensive as well.

You have to realize that this is not the mainstream Charedi but rather just the Edah Hacharedis which has always had a very anti-state position.

mother in israel said...

So where are the condemnations by the haredi community? I don't feel that they are trying to distance themselves from the cause.

Yosh55 said...

I read much of booklet and was utterly shocked by the documents..etc. Read it and then comment.

David said...

I don't have access to the booklet.

What documentation did you find there that shocked you?

Menachem Lipkin said...

Every time you by a product with the "Edah Hachareidit" symbol you are helping to support this type of perversity.

When you have a choice, avoid the Edah Hachareidit!