Sunday, July 13, 2008

Olmert: Peace with Palestinians is closer then ever - Who does he think is fooling?

This is the headline in Haaretz online today.

How dumb does he think the people are? Gilad Shalit is still in captivity, Hamas is violating the ceasefire almost every day and he is talking about peace with Abu Mazen? Does anyone beside Olmert and the diehard left believe that Abu Mazen is relevant? Would a deal with Abu Mazen be worth the paper that it is written on? For Olmert to state

"It seems to me that we have never been as close to the possibility of reaching an accord as we are today,"

is cynical beyond belief. Olmert, a petty thief who stole from charitable organizations, is trying to make people forget about his legal troubles. This time I don't think it will work. No one, even the Israeli public, is that stupid.


Rafi G said...

you must be an anti-peace settler.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

עומק הויתורים כעומק החקירות

Anonymous said...

Bluke, by the way, what does Olmert mean when he says "peace is closer than ever"?
Is he planning to give away Jerusalem?