Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kadima splitting?

Globes is reporting that Tzippi Livni is thinking about forming a new party to run in the next elections. The reason for this is that Livni could very well lose the Kadima primary to Mofaz and she is not willing to be number 2 to Mofaz. According to Globes she has wide support both from the Kadima MK's as well as outsiders.

This is absolutely amazing, first they split the Likud now they are splitting Kadima.

As I have mentioned many times before the political system in Israel is completely broken and needs to be remade. It is absolutely ridiculous that in a list based system(the voters vote for a party not individuals), and MK can walk away from his party with his seat. At the very least there needs to be a district system where at least half of the MK's are elected from a district and are directly responsible to the voters.

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Garnel Ironheart said...

Or they can make a simple law: You were elected as a member of party X, you sit for party X. Want to leave for party Y? Well fine, but the seat stays with X and they'll get the next guy down the list to replace you and the only way you get to stay in the Knesset is if someone in Y gives up his seat to you.
That, and they raise the seat threshold to 5% and refuse to run any party that doesn't have comprehensive policies in the areas of finance, economy, defence and foreign relations.

Like that'll happen!