Monday, February 11, 2008

Mehadrin buses in Mexico?

Not exactly, but in Mexico they have started running women's only buses to prevent men from groping women on the buses.

On Single-Sex Buses, Relief From Unwanted Contact

Body-to-body contact is inescapable on Mexico City’s crowded public transportation system.
But many women complain that not all the contact is incidental. Among the 22 million passengers who use the bus and subway system daily, women say, are lecherous men taking advantage of the cheek-to-jowl conditions to leer and grope and then quietly disappear.
One place they are not is on new women-only buses that Mexico City began running in January to reduce the harassment. With pink placards and insistent drivers who growl at any man who tries to step aboard, the buses are quickly becoming a hit among women.

It is so interesting how things come full circle.

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