Monday, February 25, 2008

Drowning in Seforim

There are so many Seforim being published it is practically impossible to sift the wheat from the chaff. Where I daven in the mornings every week they put out 5 or 6 new Seforim to sell. Are they any good? Who knows. Every sefer has haskamos from people who didn't read the sefer. It is so easy and cheap to publish a sefer that many many people are doing it who shouldn't be.

This is bad for a number of reasons.
1. It is hard to know which seforim are worth buying and which are not, imagine what it is going to be like 50 years from now
2. Many of these seforim are halacha type seforim where they collect all the chumras from various sources and publish them (because you can't publish kulas) This is part of the reason for the trend towards chumra

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Rafi G said...

achh. I almost never buy any of those types of seforim. I almost never even look at the ones they put out in shul for sale... more often than not they are a waste of time (I am not belittling someone's hard work and his chiddushim, but I am not his target clientele)