Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Haim Ramon -- Guilty

Good riddance.

What is really pathetic is that his whole defense was that it was consensual. He is a 50+ man, Justice Minister, a leader, one of the elite of Israeli society, and he is playing around with 21 year old girls? What kind of judgment does that show? What kind of morals is that even if it was consensual?

What is also disturbing is the reaction of Eli Yishai.
Reactions from Politicians
This is a prominent public and political leader, who has given so much to the Israeli political system. I am sure that Ramon will take advantage of his right to appeal

Eli Yishai is the leader of Shas a religious, Haredi party. Even if Ramon is "innocent" he doesn't deny what happened just the interpretation (consensual or not). What happened is not the mark of a leader and certainly not someone who should be praised by the religious community.

Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of Kadima.

There is 1 downside to this whole story. It strengthens the judicial dictatorship currently ruling the country. This decision strengthens AG Mazuz and makes him by far the most powerful person in the country (unelected of course). This greatly weakens the chance that something wil be done to break the judidical dictatorship.

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yaak said...

I don't think R' Yishai was condoning the act that he did. He was probably upset at the outcome, since Ramon has shown sympathy toward religious causes in the past, and has worked together with R' Yishai to that effect.
See here for example.