Sunday, January 14, 2007

The fallout from the El Al boycott

The Charedi press had some interesting points over the weekend.

In Mishpacha (Hebrew), one of the writers wrote that the public is still waiting for an explanation of why El Al was boycotted, but Egged (which runs buses on Shabbos), Israel Railways, Israir , etc. are not boycotted.

They also pointed out that the agreement is secret and no one really knows what exactly it says.

In Hamodia, they made the point that El Al may have made a lot of money from the boycott as they got all the cancellation fees and were able to sell cheap tickets at higher last minute prices.

Finally, The Yeshiva World (Israir: Sefer Torah update) has the following item about Israir

Radio Kol Chai has reported that a compromise has been worked out regarding the Sefer Torah on the Israir 767 that flies to Paris and London on Shabbos when not doing the transatlantic run. The Sefer Torah will now be removed from the aircraft and left with the Ben Gurion Airport Rabbi; in the airport shul aron kodesh for the weekends. It’s interesting to note that Israir did not blink, of course, about its 27+ scheduled flights every Shabbos.

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