Wednesday, March 22, 2006

יהדות התורה campaign site

Even though the Gedolim have banned the internet, יהדות התורה has an internet campaign site where you can watch their campaign videos and listen to their jingles and get information.


Bill Selliger said...

Where does it say that the Gedolim have banned the internet? Lakewood proscribes it's school-aged children from having access to it. I'm not aware of anyone saying it's patently assur. Alecha l'havi raya.

bluke said...


Haredim abuzz about halachic ban on Internet use

By Judy Siegel And Tamar Hausman

JERUSALEM (January 11) - A halachic ruling issued last week by a number of
prominent haredi rabbis prohibiting their followers from using the Internet - except for work - has triggered unease, surprise, and some agreement in the haredi community.

The ruling, displayed on flyers and posters pasted on walls in haredi
neighborhoods, was signed by leading halachic arbiter Rabbi Yosef Shalom
Eliashiv; the rabbinic leaders of Belz, Sadigura, and Vizhnitz; Rabbi Leib Sheinman; and Shas Council of Sages members Shalom Cohen and Shimon

The Gedolim listed above are the heads of Yahadut Hatorah.