Sunday, January 29, 2006

The latest salvo in the Charedi culture wars - MP3 players

I just read in this past week's Mishpacha magazine that there was a
meeting of Roshei Yeshiva to discuss MP3 players. According to the
article these are very dangerous because they can hold tremendous
amounts of data, songs, etc. and who knows what kind of spiritually
dangerous material is on them.

The Charedi world is slowly turning into the Amish.


yitz said...

I would assume that they were a bit less afraid of cassettes, which only contained a max of 60 mins. of music per side. With MP3s, as you mention, there's hours of listening enjoyment, & who knows how much bittul Torah that's gonna cause?

Anonymous said...

i think what they don't like are the ipods on the street.

Natan said...

Man the ShasPod people are going to be placed into Herem.