Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hamas wins the parliamentary elections

Believe it or not I believe that this is good for the Jews and Israel. The Palestinian mask has finally been removed. Since Oslo in 1993, the US, the Left in Israel, the EU, many misguided Jews in the US, and others, have believed or pretended to believe that the Palestinians were interested in co-existence with Israel and recognized Israel's right to exist. Now the illusion is shattered. Hamas openly declares that Israel has no right to exist and that their goal is an Islamic state in all of Palestine. At least now the enemy has declared himself and we can openly fight with him. It is much better to face an enemy who declares his hatred for you then an enemy who pretends to be your friend.


After reading some of the responses in the Israeli press and some of the responses by readers, I am amazed how blind and stupid the left is. There are still people saying, of course we will talk to Hamas, you make peace with enemies. I am sure that the Yossi Beilin's of the world would have wanted to talk peace with Hitler as well. Imagine, Hamas is saying we want to destroy you, you have no right to exist and yet these left wing idiots want to talk to them. What exactly do they think they are going to talk about? The flight arrangements back to Europe? Hamas means what it says, why is that so hard to understand? Professor Auman was so right , Peace Now is a very bad strategy to bring peace it brings war instead.


Anonymous said...

Um, how many of your kids are in the army?

Anonymous said...

Um, as for me, I have a child studying in Israel and another who will be there next year, G-d Willing. While they are not in the army, did it not occur to you that if Hamas attacks, not only are the soldiers in line of those weapons, but so is the general population. Do you really believe that talking to Hamas will result in Peace? Assuming you do have children in the IDF, are you willing to leave Israel, as Hamas is demanding?


Anonymous said...

I think it makes sense to try and stop the bloodshed. If that means attempting peace, so be it. Living in Israel is not one of the 3 cardinal sins that require marytrdom. I, like everyone else, love my kids more than anything - even more than Israel. If I'm living in that land, I want to try to make sure they stick around.

Now, I'm no moron. I know these people are bloodthirsty animal savages - the lowest form of human life on earth. But what's the alternative...blowing them to pieces? And having the rest of the Arab world, and the international community, blow us to bits?

MNR said...


I agree with you %100. I have been saying this for many years.

bluke said...

Considering that none of my kids are even Bar Mitzvah yet the question is not very relevant.

Would you have been in favor of negotiating with Hitler during the war? Should the US negotiate with Bin Laden? Sometimes you need to realize that the other side needs to be defeated,period. In addition, they are just using peace talks to get something from you for nothing. This is the case IMHO with the Palestinians.

aaron said...

The bottom line is that Israel is not allowed to fight like any other nation would. Here you have a group that has basically declared war on Israel, but if Israel gets too tough with them, they go crying and hiding behind the weasly European skirts.

D.B. said...

A stance that this is good for Israel assumes that Israel will fight against a Palestinian enemy that is openly out to destroy it. This is still the outlook of all those who believe that a Menachem Begin type leadership will be voted into office. It is really time to get out of this stupor. Just as the Israeli govt. and intl. community were willing to be deluded by Arafat for so long, the religious Zionists are deluded into thinking that the people in Israel are interested in fighting in earnest against the terrorists to save the Zionist enterprise. The average Israeli has thrown in the towel in this fight, hoping to achieve peace with monsters, when they are not even sure of their own claims to the land.

The Israelis are still coordinating their moves with the Americans, who are in turn shackled by the Europeans, who hate Jews enough without being shackled by the Arabs, which they are.

In short, the Zionists lose. Ideology and conviction of Hamas has,for now, won out against the Zionist enterprise, which no longer has any ideological underpinnings or basis.

Unless, of course, the Jews wake up and realize that they need Emunah too. Ultimately, we will win. But not without the realization that "Im Hashem Lo Yivneh Bayis Shav Amlu Bonav Bo".

R' Mordechai Pogramansky told R' Yerucham Levovitz: "Building (bauen) - they (the zionists) will succeed in doing, but 'establishing' (aufbauen)- they won't." And it is so true. They have never been able to get themselves established as a legitimate State in the eyes of the world. And they face their biggest challenges yet with an international community that will pressure them into negotiating with the Hitler next door, giving him the 'Sudetenland' (West Bank) with assurances of 'peace in our time', an assurance the Israelis are only too willing to accept.

While hesitating to pull the trigger on an imminently nuclear Iran that has openly stated its intent to wipe Israel off the map.

And they place their trust in a bankrupt IDF that has proven most effective in expulsion of Jews. "But we have a superior army!" That's a load of hooey if you're not going to use that army, because you lack the conviction to. You really don't believe the land is yours at all, you just want to live in peace. Sorry, Hashem is tapping you on the shoulder once again to shake you out of your tranquility to let you know that you have nothing without Him.

Hashem Yerachem.

daat y said...

bluke-you have hit the nail on the head.
d.b.-beautiful perush and addition.
My fear is to secular israelis it will not be a wakeup call.

yitz said...

My wonder is if anyone's gonna wake up! Boy do we need Moshiach!

kahaneloyalist said...

Anonymous, Conquest of Israel is a Milchemet Mitzvah. Check out Ramban Sefer HaMitzvot Mitzvot Mitzvah number four and it is Afvodah Zara o not perform a Milchemet Mitzvah