Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Chanuka in May

Yesterdays and todays daf (Shabos 21-22) contain just about all of the gemara relating to Chanuka. It is really weird to be learning this in May. Every December we come back to this gemara to discuss the various issues. It was nice to learn this at a different time as well. I will not post the various halachic discussions now, I will bli neder post them right before Chanuka.


anonymous said...

at least YOU are not planning on shutting down your blog! ;-)

bluke said...

Not at the moment, no

a pashut yid said...

why dont you post them now for those following daf yomi (not that i am in that group, but my night kollel is learning maseches shabbos this year) and then repost, or post a link, around channukah time