Tuesday, June 24, 2014

R' Shalom Cohen spiritual leader of Shas - It is prohibited for women to learn academic studies

Here is the letter that R' Cohen published:

We are witnesses today that there are students who learned in [Charedi] seminars who are applying and requesting to learn academic studies.

Our Rabbis, the Gedolei Yisroel, completely opposed academic studies even in Charedi colleges since a number of the lecturers are university graduates and don't have the pure torah ideology that we are raised on.

Likewise, the coursework in the colleges is based on academic and scientific methodologies which contradict daas torah.

Therefore, students should not even consider going to learn academic studies in any setting, because this is not the path of Torah.

The third paragraph is quite interesting, I wonder what scientific methodologies contradict daas torah?

The problem with this is that you can't have it both ways. On one hand, the men have to sit and learn in kollel and not work and the wife has to support the family. On the other hand you can't ask the wife to support the family with no education.

Bottom line, if the husband is sitting and learning and the wife doesn't have an academic degree who is going to support them?

Source: Kikar Shabbat


yoni the yogi said...

You, me a rich father-in-law and of course the "treif" Medinah.

yoni the yogi said...

You, me a rich father-in-law and of course the "treif" Medinah.

David Kavanagh said...

Oy, I've printed off the edict and ignored it. I'm Sephardi & Orthodox. This belongs in the rest room. But we'd wipe more on than we'd get off,if you get my drift; apologises for the crudeness, but it is the only way I can rationalise this BS. I have 4 sisters. All of them are educated to Masters level, 2 to PhD. All of devout Jews. One is a lesbian. My eldest daughter is currently reading English at University. I have no time for these idiots.