Monday, December 23, 2013

At least the Satmar Rebbe is honest about the draft for Charedim in Israel

In response to the upcoming visit to the US by prominent Chasidic rebbes to protest against the Israeli government the Satmar Rebbe said the following at a dinner last Saturday night.

There is a very big question. How can they make a demonstration [against the Israeli government] in front of the non-Jews when they themselves are part of the government and taking money from the government? Why should the non-Jew understand? The Charedi is benefiting from government budgets, is part of the government and has MKs in the government, why should he be any different then a chiloni? This is exactly what the government is asking from the Charedim, to share the burden. The non-Jew can understand that those God fearing Jews who don't participate and have nothing to do with the government and get no government money have a right to not be drafted as well and therefore a demonstration is worthwhile.

Now, you can disagree with his point regarding those who don't take government money, but his point regarding those who do take money is very hard to refute. If you participate in the government and take money then you also need to contribute, the government is not simply a cash machine.


Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

First of all, welcome back.
Now what you have to understand is that for the non-Satmar/NK portion of the Chareidi population the government of Israel is indeed seen as an unconditional tax machine. It's part of their ideology, as natural as the sun revolving around the Earth, just the way things are, etc. So it's the Israeli government that is breaking the natural order of the universe and going against the Torah by challenging this rule.
As for Satmar, well if they're driving on Israeli roads, benefiting from Israeli police protection, using Israeli water and electricity then their argument once again falls flat.

bluke said...

I agree with you, in fact I posted about this