Monday, December 17, 2012

Wanna make a quick and easy $100?

Just promise the Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg that you won't vote in the Israeli elections (and violate the greatest aveira there is) and he will give you $100. In fact, the offer is open to all Israeli citizens including the non-religious. All you need to do is deposit your id card and any other identifying documents that would let you vote with the Satmar office before the election (so you can't break your promise) and they will give you the money.

Of course there is one problem. The whole scheme is illegal under Israeli law but that has never stopped Satmar yet.


Shaul B said...

Please provide details of how one would sign up for this. You should publish this information more widely. The protest vote might be put to better use than voting for the Green Leaf party. Imagine, a million non-voters costing Satmar $100 million. They might not be able to spring for legal fees for Nechemya Weberman's appeal after that!

DB said...

Do you have details of where the office is located?