Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It just doesn't stop; Another Charedi wrote an idiotic article about the draft

See חילונים, מה פתאום נזכרתם אחרי 64 שנה

Don't these people realize that they are doing more harm then good? Don't they realize that they are not convincing anyone except themselves. Just the title of this article, חילונים, מה פתאום נזכרתם אחרי 64 שנה?, Chilonim what happened that you woke up after 64 years? is stupid beyond belief and shows a complete ignorance of history. The original exemption was for 400 Yeshiva students and until 1977 was very limited. It was only in 1977 that the exemption became unlimited. Besides that, the Chiloni population has been talking about this for years, where does he think the Tal law came from 10 years ago? Nothing was done about this until now because teh Charedi parties have disproportionate power in Israel's crazy parliamentary system. As the Charedi population keeps growing and the number of exemptions keeps growing the issue is becoming more and more acute until now where it has reached the breaking point.

The article itself is even worse. He writes that the Chilonim are right, it is not fair that Chilonim go to serve in the army and put their lives on the line and Charedim don't. However he says, in life you should be smart not right. He says that if Charedim go to the army for 3 years they won't come back Charedim. That is a very weak argument for a number of reasons:
1. It doesn't speak well for the Charedi education system
2. The army can create separate units etc., Hesder is very successful

Last but not least he makes the claim that Charedim pay their fair share of taxes (specifically VAT) as they have large families and spend a lot of money. Here also, the facts are against him. The fact is that the average Charedi income is 6111 NIS (source), much of it coming from government money. Even if they spend all of it every month on goods and services and therefore pay VAT they are paying VAT on a maximum of 6111 with much of that money simply going from 1 government pocket to another. The average chiloni makes double that 12021 and is also using most if not all of their money for consumption as well so they are paying double the VAT. In addition, many Charedim buy things from Gemachim and other similar type sales where there is no VAT. The simple fact is that 56% of the Charedi population is classified poor and poor people pay little or no taxes.


Adam Zur said...

i said in the mikvah to a Na Nach Chasid that if they would actually be learning then this would not be happening. he agreed and told me his experience of learning about 5 pages of gemara in one yeshiva where he was at and then when he tried learning tenach the rosh yeshiva told him to stop. he said to me there is a limit to how long they can go on scamming people. eventually even the secular population in Israel has become aware that no one in the yeshivot is doing any serious learning.

MIghty Garnel Ironheart said...

You have to remember that the Chareidi rejection of academics is so total that it often takes the truth with it.
Case in point is history: For the Chareidi community history is not what actually happened but what they think should have happened. If an unlimited draft exemption since 1948 is what fits their current narrative then for them it's the "true" history. And their self-righteousness demands that they share this "correct" version of history with others to correct what they see as fallacies.

Adam Zur said...
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Adam Zur said...

I must mention that i am not against the five pages of gemara a year approach if it only applies to the morning; and the afternoon is for a faster pace. In fact it seems to me that without a lot of time on one tosphot, it is impossible to find out what is really going on. Tosphot is like an iceberg with the center of mass far below the surface.

bluke said...

I don't think anyone (chiloni) cares what derech halimud the yeshivas use. Their objection is to the blanket exemption for anyone and everyone.

Adam Zur said...

I think secular Jews would have been very proud too have something like the Mir in Europe with that depth of learning. it is the fact that torah was used as a way of getting g out of army service and making easy money is what caused it prestige to degrade

ck17 said...

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Adam Zur said...
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Adam Zur said...

The goal of bringing Jewish values to people would be nice if not basic problems like the fact fact that they believe the rebbi shilta is Gd and "still runs the world" and their basic pantheism which is not the religion of the Torah.