Thursday, June 28, 2012

Charedim: We won't be drafted because "we aren't interested"

Ynet yesterday published an op-ed by a Charedi guy about what is going to be with the draft and Charedim. The gist of the article was, it's not going to happen because "we aren't interested". Not only that, but he asks that the Hilonim help the Charedim with education jobs, etc.

Why was this article written? What did the author hope to accomplish? There are almost 1000 comments on the article most of them from angry hilonim. Irrespective of the underlying issues, this article fanned the already high flames of anger for the Charedi world to new heights. It is the height of arrogance to say I am not going to serve in the army because I don't want to and you just have to deal with it.

The comments mostly mention 2 ideas:
1. Taking away all monetary support for yeshivas, kollels, etc.
2. Taking away the right to vote for anyone who doesn't serve in the army or do some kind of civil service

With this being the mood of the people, it is going to be very hard to come to any compromise. I truly believe that the average person has had it and if the government comes up with the equivalent of Tal Law 2, there will be riots in the streets.


Avraham said...

i think it is possible to examine the problem with charedim from the standpoint of natural law. to be in a society in which one segment is constant working to undermine it puts them in the state of war.(I know this note is too short. But i am just trying to hint in a short way to a few issues)

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

The solution is very simple. Don't forcibly draft them. Instead, tie any future national health insurance, welfare payments, and all other social benefits to having served. Do it for all Jewish citizens equally, including the so-called consciencous objectors and let the chips fall.

bluke said...

That is what most of the comments on YNet said. No service no money.

Mississippi Fred MacDowell said...

Right, all let the kids starve and fester with disease.

That's not going to happen, because Israel is a civilized country.

Jshalet said...

Israel needs a volunteer army NOW.

Chana said...

No, Jshalet, Israel needs an army adequate to defend her citizens. That overrides anyone's *preference*.

Chana said...

If they fester with disease, it's their parents' fault. Vaccinations are supplied cheaply at Tipat Chalav, the well-baby clinic (They will never turn down a request for vaccinations for a baby whose parents can't or won't pay) and free in schools. But we never force or require vaccination for school admission.

Ben Waxman said...

before menachem begin opened up the gates and started providing a lot of benefits to yeshiva guys, the number of learners was small. if someone was motivated enough to learn under those conditions, he was allowed to learn. we can do it again. if the frum don't like it they can always move to america.

Ben Waxman said...

it must be stated however that there are DL and secular folks who also agree that trying to draft all yeshiva boys immediately would be a big mistake. they state that the focus should be on getting them out of the yeshivot, not necessarily getting them into the army. needless to say, the roshei yeshivot and askanim also oppose these proposals.

Yair Spolter said...
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Yair Spolter said...

Another sad example of

bluke said...

No one seriously suggests drafting everyone tomorrow. Everyone understands the need for an adjustment period.

Harry Maryles said...

RJ in hs cc article railed against this very thing - the Charedi penchant for bashing the army instead of having Hakaras HaTov for it. Is he spitting in the wind?

ck17 said...

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