Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Touch screen kosher phone???

This is why I can't take the whole kosher phone thing seriously. If all you are supposed to be doing with your phone is making calls, then a touch screen phone is completely unnecessary and is in fact a step backwards. What exactly do you need a touch screen for? In fact why do you need 3G if you don't have a data plan? In fact, for actually making phone calls a touch screen can be quite annoying. It is clear that this is being done to keep up with the Jones's and is a money making idea from Pelephone (they charge a lot more for the phone) and the Vaad Harabanim went along, why, I don't understand.


DB said...

I just switched from an Iphone to a touch screen kosher phone. I think it was personally important to switch and still be able to enjoy a cool function that I was used to. I dont see why touch has anything to do with the point of a kosher phone.

bluke said...

What cool function does a touch screen have on a kosher phone? I have an iPhone and the touch screen is great for things like reading mail, internet browsing, applications but is really annoying for actually dialing the phone. For actually making phone calls a real keypad is much much better. Considering that all a kosher phone is supposed to do is make phone calls, having a touch screen seems ridiculous.