Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Peace talks with Syria now?

Is anyone surprised by the timing? A day after the Supreme Court rules against him and allows Talansky to testify next week, the day when the court imposed gag order expires, Olmert makes a big announcement that Israel is negotiating with Syria using Turkey as a go-between.

Even a left winger like Shelly Yachimovitch sees this announcement by Olmert as desperation move to save his job:

MK Shelley Yachimovich (Labor) called the announcement a "meaningless spin," saying that Olmert was using the declaration of negotiations to try to steer public attention from the corruption scandal embroiling him.

"Olmert is cynically trying to fool decent, peace-advocating citizens to deflect attention from the cash envelope," she said.

We saw the disaster that happened when Sharon acted out of desperation to keep himself in office and out of jail, hopefully it won't happen again.

This statement sums it up best:
כעומק החקירות, כך עומק הנסיגות

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Garnel Ironheart said...

The only question is - as he gets closer to an indictment, will he also order a unilateral withdrawal from the Golan to distract people?