Monday, November 27, 2006

וירא ה' כי שנואה לאה

Could it be that Yaakov Avinu hated Leah? R' Baruch Simon quoted from the Rebbe R' Simcha Bunim the following explanation which is very relevant today. Leah hated herself. She thought that she was not worthy to be married to Yaakov. The pasuk is describing her feelings not the way Yaakov felt about her. Hashem gave her children to help her improve her self esteem.


ADDeRabbi said...

not pshat. it comes right after the passuk says that rachel was beloved, and with each kid, leah expresses the prayer that her pain be alleviated (by being given attention by yaakov).
leah definitely felt hated, even though it's doubtful that yaakov 'hated' her

bluke said...

I agree, th pesukim seem to relate it to Yaakov