Sunday, November 06, 2005

What was the חטא of the דור הפלגה?

The Ran in his Derashos (Drasha א) has an interesting explanation. He explains that really they did no sin and that there was no punishment. He says that they wanted to have 1 world government. This is not an aveira but it is something that Hashem does not want. 1 world government means that there is nowhere to run. If Nimrod had ruled the world Avraham would have had nowhere to go. Therefore Hashem split them up and created nations and languages so that there would always be somewhere for the believers in Hashem to run to. The Ran writes that this has applied throughout history to the Jewish people up to and including his time. We know that from the Ran's time until today the same thing has applied. Whenever we were kicked out of 1 country a different country took us in.

Based on this, we should be concerned about the UN and the push to 1 world government. As the Ran says this is not Hashem wants and is bad for the Jews.

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lone bochur said...

the netziv says similarly and the ohr hachayyim says because such a world limits the ability of bechira, which is against what Hashem had in mind for his world.

Anonymous said...

note that he's arguing on chazal (didn't do anything wrong, no punishment) too! :-)

imagine suggesting such a pshat today.

Anonymous said...

I think the UN is the now day Babylon. It will crash in due time.


alex said...

"world government means that there is NO ONE to run" -- "noWHERE", right?

I like the Ran's explanation. Thanks!

bluke said...

Yes, it should say nowhere, I fixed the post. Thanks