Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The new improved Making of a Godol

Someone go it for me and I started reading it. I read the original version a while back and this version doesn't strike me as being much different. The format is still the same awful format and the stories strike me as being the same. I see that others ( Differences btwn the "Improved" Making of a Godol and the Original) have listed some of the changes, they are very minor, there seems to be only 1 story that is completely omitted from the improved edition. The inconsequential nature of the changes shows how silly the original ban was and makes me wonder what is going on in the frum community.


Anonymous said...
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daat y said...

Watch out for the chareidi police!

daat y said...

The main issue was to keep R.Ahron Kotler above the human race.

MNR said...


How do we know that this version won't get banned as well? Presumably RNK has either haskamos or approval. Do you know from whom?

Anonymous said...

is the story about RAK writing to his fiancee, and RIZM disapproving of that, in the new book?
I didn't see it on the list of changes.