Thursday, April 07, 2005

The police have closed הר הבית to Jews on Sunday

The group Revava was planning on having 10000 Jews go up to the הר הבית on this Sunday R' Chodesh Nisan, see here. The police have decided to close הר הבית to Jews on that day because they are afraid that the Arabs will riot and that this is a provocative act. This is democracy? This is freedom of religion? Take away the Jews rights because the Arabs may riot? Where are all the left wing human rights organizations? The government is taking away peoples freedom of religion.

Israel today is a dictatorship of the left. Anything goes to further their aims (destruction of the Jewish character of the state and establishment of a Palestinian state). The same people who said that they would blow up bridges if the government tried to transfer Arabs are in the forefront of the disengagement which is transferring Jews from their land. Sharon could be the biggest criminal (e.g. the various bribery and fund raising shenanigans), he can act in anti-democratic ways, he can ignore the referendum in his party, etc. it doesn't matter because he is fulfilling the dream of the left, kicking Jews out of their homes in Gaza.

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